Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome

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Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome

Cairns zoom and wildlife dome is the world’s first challenge rope course in a wildlife park that contains a diverse collection of birds, fish, marsupials, amphibians and reptiles.

You will find cairns zoom in the heart of the cairns CBD on top of the Reef Hotel Casino.
Cairns Zoom and Wildlife Dome offer many activities to keep you entertained including a Rope courses, which is perfect for a rainy day in far north Queensland.

You will make your way across 65 different elements. Including a zip line over Goliath, their 4.2m estuarine crocodile! There are also many other activities including the power jump, dome climb, slack line, commando rope climb and the pirate climb.

Queensland is very protective of their kolas, so there are some strict regulations and legislation around handling koalas, to ensure they are not stressed or affected by the practice.  Were advised by Cairns Zoom and Wildlife dome that Queensland is the only state in Australia where you can actually hold a koala and get your photo taken!  You can book in for just the photo if you want and leave the rest for another visit.

For example, a koala can only ‘work’ for 30 minutes per day, no more than 3 days in a row, without having a day of rest. This means every time a koala is held they are signed in and out. This allows the wildlife keeper to monitor how long the koalas have been ‘working ‘as well as ensure the koala is not stressed by the experience.

The team here at Getaway on Grafton were lucky enough to join in on some of the activities at zoom; they were very surprised on how difficult and challenging the courses are for a group of young fit people.

Getaway has a “TOUR DESK”, with access to 100’s of different tours around Cairns.

Cairns Zoom



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