Cairns Green Island Snorkel Ocean Free

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Cairns Green Island Snorkel – Ocean Free

Just a short sail from Cairns, Green Island you can snorkel and dive with Ocean FreeCairns Green Island Snorkel Ocean Free
A Great Barrier Reef & Green Island tour on the Ocean Free was pure indulgence in exclusivity and serenity.
The small sailing boat takes only up to 25 guests and on the day I was travelling we were 12 guests. Our skipper was a keen sailor and seemed to be willing to set the sails with the slightest wind. We were fortunate enough that we were able to sail both ways for most of the times. This meant no engine sounds for nearly all day! Although, the boat is much slower than many others I found the ride enjoyable as there was always some coastline or, later on, Green Island to look at in addition to the water, the clouds and the sky.

The Ocean Free took us to an exclusive site, the Pinnacle Reef, just off Green Island. I went for a dive with a very passionate and knowledgeable marine biologist (he actually wrote the reference book available on board for your perusal). I swear that many of the corals and creatures I saw at this site were totally new to me. So if I am right that just shows how diverse the reef is. In addition, the Pinnacle Reef looked healthy and in my eyes as interesting and fascinating as the many sites further off the coast visited by other operators.

After a refreshing lunch, one can keep exploring the Pinnacle Reef or get taken to Green Island where one can walk around the island, book a glass-bottom boat tour, enjoy the beach or have a drink at the resort bar. I was the only one that opted to stay on the boat. Once all the others were off to the island, two black-tip reef sharks appeared right next to the boat. I couldn’t resist putting on my mask and entering the water. Thus, I ended up being the only snorkeler in the water swimming with two reef sharks. One of them was circling around me and I was in absolute awe to see this animal so clear and close up. This was the highlight for me. Later on, I also managed to discover the very well camouflaged resident green turtle resting among the corals. When it was time for the turtle to go to the surface and get some air, I was there to be in touching distance to another magnificent sea creature.

Soon the rest of the passengers came back from Green Island and it was time to get out of the water, sit back and enjoy the home-bound sailing trip with cheese, crackers and a glass of wine…or two as it even happened that a birthday girl was on board shouting drinks for everyone.
Overall, I had a very memorable day with some wonderful moments. Yes, nobody can guarantee that every trip with Ocean Free will include all of those wonderful moments, but obviously it is not unrealistic to hope for it.

Cairns Green Island Snorkel Ocean Free


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